Materials for Free Demo Lesson
Short list of the materials for Free Demo Lesson:

Simple pencil HB, any eraser (e.g. Koh-i-Noor, kneadable eraser Faber Castell), waterproof black liner (Pigma Micron, Uni Pin, Shinhan Touch) or black ballpoint pen, brushes for watercolor (round and synthetic/kolinsky sable) №2-3 and №6-8, watercolor paper (cellulose / 25% cotton, 200-300 gsm, e.g. Fabriano), watercolor paints (basic set of 12-24 colors, e.g. Van Gogh), white gel pen (or white gouache), glass for water, napkins, masking tape (washi tape) and palette.

Be sure to watch the video because I give all the detailed information about the materials.

I am using the following watercolor paints:

Winsor&Newton Cotman: Dioxazine Purple PV23
M.Graham & Co: Azo Orange PO62
Van Gogh:
366 Rose Quinacridone rose PV19
508 Prussian blue PB27
409 Burnt umber PR101/PBk6
708 Payne's grey PBk6/PV19
254 Permanent lemon yellow PY184
370 Permanent red light PR254
506 Ultramarine deep PB29
623 Sap green PY129/PG7
227 Yellow ochre PY42
269 Azo yellow medium PY154/PO62
535 Cerulean blue (phtalo) PB15/PW6
616 Viridian PG7
411 Burnt sienna PR101/PBk11

Prepare the materials and see you in my lesson!
Free Demo Lesson