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Start on February 5th
For participation, please choose the way you will get the lessons and all course information.
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More than 50 000 students from around the world have taken our lessons and courses

All lessons and the course are designed using a unique, original teaching methodology

All lessons come with detailed explanations, filmed in high quality and resolution. Available to watch at any time

Everyone succeeds, even those who have never drawn before and at any age, even 80+
This course is for those who want to:
  • Learn to draw
    You have long dreamed of learning to draw but don't know where to start or you doubt your abilities or talents.
  • Start a useful hobby
    You want to start a hobby that will help you spend your time usefully and contribute to your self-development.
  • Distract yourself from the routine
    You are tired of the routine and want to bring bright colors and creativity into your life.
  • Relieve stress
    You are looking for effective ways to cope with stress and recharge with energy and positive emotions.
  • Improve your drawing skills
    You already draw, but you want to master new techniques or improve your skills.
  • Spend time with family
    You want to spend enjoyable and positive time with your family, children or grandchildren.
What we are going to draw
In this lesson you will draw a delicate magnolia flower. You'll learn how to start drawing any picture and how to place the drawing on the paper. You'll also learn how to create dimensional petals and beautiful watercolor washes. Additionally, you will find out how to make a beautiful watercolor background.
Heart-shaped Waffle
In this lesson you will draw an yummy heart-shaped waffle with icing and flowers. You will learn to show 3-dimensional effect, represent the glossy texture of the icing and apply beautiful shadows correctly. You'll practice creating watercolor washes with blending and discover a simple yet effective way to decorate your drawing.
Window with Flowers
In this lesson you will draw a vibrant window with old-fashioned shutters. You'll learn to depict various textures, such as old wood and brick. You'll learn a picturesque multi-colored watercolor wash technique. Also you will discover a simple method to draw dimensional flowers.
Love Potion
In this lesson you will draw a bright bottle with hearts and a vibrant watercolor background. You'll learn how to depict glass, a folding paper tag, and how to show the sparkle of the hearts. Of course, you'll also create a vibrant, shimmering watercolor background and splashes. Additionally, I will tell you how to continue drawing with us and provide details about our paid basic Sketching Start course.
Preparatory lessons will be released one week before the course begins
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How the course will go

Register for the course

After registration you will receive details about the course and the lesson about the materials for the course, so you have time to get everything needed.
Prepare for the course

On January 29th, one week before the course starts, preparatory lessons will be released. You will be able to prepare for the main lessons.

Draw following to the course lessons
Starting February 5th, the course lessons will be released. Each lesson will be available only for 48 hours after publication to ensure you don't delay completing the course. Draw and post your work on Instagram feed with the hashtag #dreamanddrawschool and tag our account
Participate in live streams with general work reviews
The day after the lesson is released, I will do a live stream session to review common mistakes.
If you wish to continue learning you can join the basic Sketching Start course
The final lesson will be a live stream. I will tell how to continue drawing with me and about my paid basic Sketching Start course.
Register for the course
There are only 7 spots left out of 300!
Meet the course tutor
Anastasia Kozlova

  • A certified artist and Fine Art teacher with over 10 years of teaching practice
  • Founder of the Dream&Draw drawing school
  • Taught more than 50,000 people worldwide to draw
  • Creator of an original drawing teaching method, enabling even beginners to create a complete painting in one evening
  • Member of the International Watercolor Society and Society of Scottish Artists
  • Author of 41 courses and over 500 drawing lessons.
  • Participant in individual and group exhibitions around the world

Participants' works of previous courses
What our students say about us
You will definitely achieve great results in drawing!
  • Designed for beginners
    Our course program is specifically designed for beginners. It takes into account all the challenges that a newbie in drawing encounters.
  • Step-by-step algorithm
    Our lessons consist of step-by-step, short and very simple actions that anyone can replicate. The explanations prevent potential mistakes beginners might make.
  • Professional tutor
    Anastasia is an artist with 10 years of teaching experience. All students of the school enjoy and understand her teaching style.
  • High-quality video
    Our lessons are filmed in high quality, showing every detail. They are recorded, allowing you to pause the lesson, take your time to finish drawing and then calmly continue or rewind as needed.
  • Study whenever it is convenient for you
    You can take the lessons at any time convenient for you and from anywhere with internet access, from any part of the world.
  • Sharing secrets of mastery
    Anastasia has compiled years of accumulated techniques in this course. You will see how simple it is to draw using the methodology of our school.
Thanks to this course you will:
  • Learn how to correctly choose materials for drawing
  • Master the basics of drawing with a liner and watercolor
  • Draw 4 vibrant sketches on different themes
  • Realize that you too can draw and will succeed in it
  • Experience lots of positive emotions
  • Feel proud of your results
  • And most importantly, finally you will start drawing!
Register for the course
There are only 7 spots left out of 300!
  • Well-thought-out program
    All the lessons are very detailed and interconnected, systematically organized, and help to grasp the material in the best possible way.
  • Original sketches
    All the lessons are based on the tutor's original sketches.
  • A finished, ready-to-use sketch
    After each lesson, you will have a completed, ready-made picture.
  • Theoretical Knowledge Base
    The course includes a theoretical part with lessons on the basics of drawing.
  • High-Quality Video Lessons
    The videos are bright and clear, shot in high resolution. All necessary details and moments are captured in close-up.
  • Convenient Lesson Viewing
    A clean website interface is provided for easy navigation during the course. All lessons are accessible in one user-friendly dashboard.
  • Checking by the Tutor
    Throughout the course, the tutor reviews students' works and provides feedback during live sessions, addressing common mistakes and answering questions.
  • Creative Community
    The course fosters a sense of community among students, providing opportunities for new connections and creating a friendly, positive atmosphere where participants support each other.